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Placing an order and starting payment plan is an acceptance that you have read the financing policy and Terms & Conditions.
  • No application.
  • No approval needed.
  • No credit check.
  • No Interest charge.
  • No price change
  • No waste time on filling application.
  • Very easy to start your plan available for 3 - 6 months.
DBAYZ is now offering special monthly payment plan for you for your convenient to make your purchase experience more affordable and easy. So this way you will not be loosing special unique style of your choice.

It is very easy, simply select your plan in your mind drop down payment and start your plan. Simply make 25% down payment and the rest you can pay anytime within the time frame or it will be charge automatically to your credit card on file on the dates you will select starting the date you wanted. We give you choice to select your own dates to complete the transaction. This plan works with single purchase or multi purchase. You can also use the same plan for multi purchase with a down payment of 25% payment of the total.

We have a schedule subsequent payments plan for your convenient. This service is free and you can start right away. We have this free service for your convenient and best shopping experience so this way you will not loose the style of your choice.

Simply if you like something at dbayz.com simply call us and we will set up your account. When you making a down payment you are reservring the price. Example today the price is $1000 and you want to grab the deal by making down payment of any percentage to reserve the deal on your name. By any chance the price goes $2000 during your terms, but you will still be able to get it at $1000. So this way you will not loose a deal, because prices are subject to change without notice. No deal is guaranteed until the down payment is not paid.

All items will remain the property of DBAYZ until the full payment is completed, the item will shipped out when the payments will be completed. Once the down payment has been made, and you like to cancel the transaction, any deposit of down payment are strictly nonrefundable. If no payment is received till 60 days after opening an account and making down payment, the transaction will be canceled without any refund.

The financing account items delivered or new accounts includes any modified original or customized items are STRICKLY non refundable, any mistakes or problems with the order will be replaced but no refund will be issued. Any customers provide information from local jeweler with paperwork problem with the item, the item will be replaced but STRICKLY non refundable. Buying or starting payment plan confirms you read information and agree to our terms.

For more information regarding the financing plan please email us with the detailed questions at financing@dbayz.com
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